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We are Scalp: a unique creative agency and we can’t even spell writer’s block (we had to use spellcheck – that’s how foreign it is to us). We don’t believe in contemporary employer-employee relationships, plus everyone wants a fancy title, so there are no employees in the pack, we all own a part of it. If you work more, you own more, it’s that simple. So our clients will never work with an employee, only with Presidents, CEOs, Chairmen and Founders.

Our creative team’s defining traits are: creativity, innovation, enthusiasm, commitment, humor, beauty, omnipotence, super speed, super strength, immortality, energy manipulation and mastery over time and space (some of these may not be 100% accurate).

The Scalp team of dedicated professionals are ready to help you with any of your creative or advertising needs by providing high quality content on demand (assuming we accept the request)!

Oh and we are effin’ awesome!

Web and application
Casting and photography



The Scalp scouts

Our client has two options; the traditional, everyday, average joe way to deal with an agency, or the Sclap scouts service!
Everybody knows that physical distance is the kryptonite of the advertising and marketing industry. It is the Moriarty to our Sherlock, the Joker to our Batman or the Sauron to our Fellowship.

Realizing this, we decided to come up with a highly efficient system that makes sure our clients get the best bang for their buck.

You get to define the budget and you get to define the timeline for each of the requested projects, but we even go a step further! We send out a Scalp scout to work at the client’s location of choice.

This way we can foil the industry’s biggest enemy before it can actually cause any issues. Imagine Darth Vader throwing the Emperor into the Deathstar’s core at the end of A New Hope. Sure, we would have missed out on the awesomeness that is Empire Strikes Back, but perhaps the Skywalker family would have been able to spend some quality time together for some much needed bonding.

Scalp always delivers and we assure our clients constant and complete control over the quality of the work we produce.

And we are also kick-ass at what we do.


Scalp can create original, powerful and unique messages that resonate not just with the chosen target group, but all viewers in general.


Design is our bread and butter. We can dream up brand, corporate communication, stationary and sign designs like nobody’s business.

Web and application

Anything you need or want just tell us and we’ll bring it to life, Frankenstein-style.

Streamer Promotion

Photographer and Casting selection

Need models? No worries! Scalp has access to an ever-growing base of professional models and actors that are ready to perform. But that’s not all, we can even do the photo shootings for you since, as we’ve already stated earlier, we are a team of professionals and that includes a fantastic photographer.

Sound design

Music tailored to your needs with copyright included. If you need a place to record voices or music, you will also have access to our private studio.

Scalp University

Scalp can offer specialized training courses to our clients regarding the services we perform to further help them on their journey. You decide the time-table, whether it is on a weekend, every week or every month and we’ll meet your needs.


Need something shot? We mean with a camera, we don’t actually have guns. If you do, we got you! Scalp can record your videos for you, add and edit audio, manage post-production and rent anything that you would otherwise require.

Animation and motion design

We can design anything you can imagine, but we can even go a step further. See your request truly come to life with the help of our professional animation and motion designer.


Copywriting is undeniably one of the most essential elements of effective online marketing and as such, we pride ourselves on being able to supply various styles of copy to fit any theme or topic.


All our services are available for the creators selected.
> Brand creation and protection
> Video editing and post production
> Stream & IT technical support
> Motion design
> Traffic acquisition
> Youtube and social network management
> Sponsorship
> Strategy consulting
> Commercial Support
> Legal Support

Rise and Take Over

When you need to destroy your competition


Drawing conscious connections between advertising elements can either make or break a marketing campaign. Here at Scalp, we are painfully aware of that and we strive to create connections in our designs that stick with our audience.



Scalp is a synonym for creativity. Don’t believe us? Check a dictionary, it’s in there we swear. Okay, maybe it isn’t, but that doesn’t change the fact that Scalp SHOULD be a synonym for creativity. We are just that damn creative.


By that we mean that we work fast. You may think you know what fast is, but trust us, you have no idea. We guarantee a speedy delivery of any work that our client’s request, even at the expense of our own mental health.


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